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True Club Solutions

As a division of Troon®, True Club Solutions (TCS) is the only club advisory services firm that draws upon decades of experience, currently serving 470+ locations around the globe. As an alternative to Troon's professional management solutions, TCS engagements benefit our clients by tapping into the depth and breadth of expertise from our thousands of corporate and field associates to focus on club specific, short-term challenges and opportunities.


Powered by the 30 years of Troon's industry experience, True Club Solutions offers clubs and daily fee/resort destinations short-term advisory services. The myriad of services offered by TCS are customized to assist in solving specific facility problems through initial due diligence reporting and continual guidance.


The structure of TCS is truly unique in the Club Advisory industry. TCS is led by Divisional President, Jim McLaughlin, who administers the work product generated by both Troon corporate staff and leaders of various disciplines in the field. This allows TCS to consistently deliver the widest array of services in the industry without having to outsource work to other companies.

Contact Us

If the idea of partnering with the Club industry leader in real world management solutions is appealing, we ask that you contact us via the link provided. Please know that the information you provide us will be kept in the strictest confidence.